Ed Kopp



  1. Dedicated to school shooting victims and survivors in the US and worldwide

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       A portion of the proceeds will be donated to "Moms Demand Action"




Life In Motion

Filmed an edited by Taylor Baldschun. Music by Ed Kopp. "Life In Motion" is an experimental music video combining documentary style video production and original rhythmic music. 

Deadbeat Movie Trailer

Deadbeat is a film about a band whose lead singer dies on stage and the song he sings for his girlfriend on video gets used after his death creating havoc for those left behind. The is an "Extended Trailer" from 2002 of a full length script that has yet to be made into a film. The film is written, produced and directed by Ed Kopp who also composed all the music. 

It's All A Journey

A collaborative creation that occurred in Beaverton, Oregon at Ed Kopp's Band Video Camp.